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Epifany Takes a Dare

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Have you ever met one of those kinds of babes that are just up for anything, anytime? Chickz that will take off for a foreign country at the blink of an eye, jump off a cliff into the ocean, or stuff their pussies with the most bizarre objects? Well, Epifany is that kind of girl.

She came over to our house one night and my husband was just home from work. As it often does with Epifany, the conversation turned towards sex and we got talking about the things that we’d tried to put into our snatches to get off. Epifany is a lot more adventurous than I am so she shocked me pretty easily. She bragged that there wasn’t much that wouldn’t fit in her snatch so my husband challenged her. You see, he works in construction and he just happened to bring home one of those orange pylons. He rushed off to the bathroom to give it a wash and then came back and said he’d bet her a hundred bucks that she couldn’t even get the top of it into her coocher. Epifany doesn’t back down from dare, so she pulled up her skirt, whipped off her panties and requested my husbands help. Well, not only did he get it in there but he made he cum, too, right there on our couch!

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Ivy Is the Entertainment

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This chick Ivy is a slut pure and simple. The best part is that she doesn’t really give a damn what anyone might think of that. She loves her sex and she especially loves to find all kinds of twisted cock shaped objects to stuff into her puss when the time is right.

Tonight is like almost every other night for our Ivy as she has found plenty of toys that she plans to use for later on. You see Ivy has decided to do a friend a favor and act as the entertainment for his bachelor party. He knew she would do it because she is just that kinky.

After some dance routines which led to Ivy losing all of her clothes, out came all of her toys and the fun really began. She was popping everything that was even remotely shaped like a cock in and out of her snatch. The guys all had a great time and Ivy made sure at least two of them left with her later that night.

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Krystal Takes A Dare

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Truth or dare is one of my favorite games to play – especially if the babes you’re playing with are kinda kinky and a little bit dirty. I hit the jackpot last weekend when we were at a party where all the chickz were young and totally slutty. They were up for anything so I suggested a game of truth or dare. Turned out to be the best idea I have ever had!

One of the babes there was Krystal and she was totally crazy. She had long wavy hair and eyes that were just begging for some sexy dirty play . Her first dare was to get naked and show us all her great body parts. She had no problem with that and even did a super hot strip tease for us all. Then she stayed naked as we did the rounds. When it was my turn to make a dare, I dared her to fuck one of the empty wine bottles. And can you believe she did it? Right there in front of everyone , she stood the wine bottle up, mounted it and slid it right into her wet cunt. She slid her pussy up and down on it and flicked her fingers over her clit until she came.  I bet she gets invited to a lot of parties!

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Lexi Gets Creative With the Housework

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Lexi is a newlywed but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know every sexual trick in the book. She had seen plenty of action before her wedding day but for some reason most men just never understood her one fantasy of stuffing all sorts of different objects into her tight little puss. Her new husband was well aware of all of Lexi’s fetishes and  he encouraged her every time she found something new to try.

Today while cleaning the kitchen floor Lexi was her usual self, alone and naked while cleaning the house. Working around the house in the nude was nothing new for her but once she felt the perfectly shaped handle of the floor mop it was time to take a break! She found her way to the newly mopped floor, laid back on the sofa and slowly began to ease the smooth handle of the mop in between her snatch lips. It only took a few minutes for Lexi to become totally wet as she slid the handle deeper and deeper inside her.

She had an explosive orgasm and made sure to give husband a repeat performance of her newest find when he came home later that evening.

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Malezia Gets Hammered

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Malezia is one of the most bizarre babes I have ever had the pleasure of fucking. Not only does she have a hot body, she also has the most perverted mind I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. This bitch is an absolute freak and I love every minute of our sex play. The last time I went to see Malezia she was very upset that one of her favorite tables had broken. I’m not the greatest repairman in the world but I know how to use my hands and so I offered my assistance.

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It wasn’t five minutes before Malezia showed me the true reason that the hammer was in my hands. She began to tear off her clothes and started rubbing her bald beaver like a bitch in heat! Dripping wet, she begged me to take the hammer and drive her favorite dildo deep into her love tunnel. Who knew that carpentry could be so much fun? After a sweet orgasm with her toy and hammer I pulled out my stiff rod and fucked Malezia senseless like the little slut that she is.

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Mandy Gets Caught In the Act

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I’ve been friends with Mandy for a long time and for all that time I thought she was just the average girl next door. She liked guys and went out with several of them but they never lasted for very long. I thought she just had bad luck. Turns out the bitch was going out with the wrong guys because they just couldn’t handle her fetish for stuffing her puss with bizarre objects.

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I went over to her house one night to see what was happening – she wasn’t expecting me or anyone else apparently – and was just about to ring her doorbell when I noticed that her drapes were a little bit open. When I peeked in, I discovered Mandy sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide open and a big metal thermos between them. She was rubbing her clit with it and she was really turned out. She was playing with the most gorgeous pair of tits I’d ever seen. Then she took something from beside her on the couch and slid it into her dripping hole. I couldn’t tell what it was but it wasn’t anything as normal as a vibrator. I know she had no way of knowing this but that’s my fetish, too – putting weird things into pussies. I couldn’t resist. I snuck quietly in the door and crept up to her and took the object from her hand and started fucking her with it. When she opened her eyes wide in surprise to see me, she smiled. She knew she’s finally found someone who could handle her freaky side.

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Megan Will Use Anything To Get Off

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There is something about a bitch that is willing to do almost anything to make sure she gets off. Megan is one of those babes as she is more than happy to stuff anything deep inside her cunt as long as she knows there is a mind blowing orgasm at the end of it all. Today it’s a paintbrush and with its smooth handle Megan has no problem sliding it deep into her juicy puss.

As she removes her bra and shows us her perfect tits she continues to slide her fingers over her clit with the brush deep inside her. Megan is like a bitch possessed as she rocks back and forth moaning and groaning in ecstasy. She then invites her boyfriend in on the fun and he continues to rub her clit for her while she comes over and over again. Once the brush comes out his cock goes in and everything starts all over again. Nothing could please Megan more!

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Tiffini is Obsessed With Putting Things In Her Puss

Tiffani is one of the hot and horny new sluts at Twisted Objects and she’s there with a good reason. She is totally obsessed with sticking things in her cunt!

For our first shoot she took us into her kitchen. She played with her puss for awhile, getting it nice and wet. Then, she slipped a few fingers in there just to get started. Next, from the cupboard she sat on, she reached into a drawer beside her and took out a wooden spoon. She started to slide it in and out of her dripping wet puss and her hips began grinding away. This slut kept grabbing things out of the drawers and fitting them into that tight little hole of hers. Finally, her body began to shudder and convulse in one of the greatest orgasms I’ve ever seen! Wanna see her kinky little fetish in action? Just click on one of the pics!

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Penny is a Kinky Chick

to15a.jpgPenny has nice long blonde hair and a cute little smile  that speaks volumes about the kinky shit she gets into. She’s into anything and everything! She’s always sitting around playing with her cunt and sticking random objects inside herself.

I can’t tell you how many times she’s come to us with weird ideas of what she wants to fuck herself with. The different textures really get her off. She loves to rub them against her clit until she’s nice and wet and then she slides them inside her hole slowly and starts to fuck herself with them. I’m serious – you have to see this bitch in action – click on the pictures and you’ll get a taste of the freak that Penny is.


If you love freaky babes it doesn’t get any more twisted and bizarre than this. Penny and her friends are curious by nature and they want to share it with you. In fact, knowing that you’re watching them just makes them hornier!

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Katrina Is a Party Girl

Katrina gets a little bit wild at parties sometimes. A little too wild for some guys but just my taste. I love the fact that she’s not shy about her body and I love how she’s not afraid to get kinky.

One night we were at a party and the crowd had thinned out a little bit. We all got talking kinda dirty and someone dared her to stick something in her puss. She was a little bit drunk but  she was up and ready for the dare. First she went for a bottle. She was already really wet from out sex talk so it slid right in. Then we started looking for other things to shove into her snatch. We had so much fun. The greatest part was that Katrina was really getting off on filling her pussy  with all these weird things and so was I. Later on that night we had a great fuck!

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Missy Stuffs Her Muff

to12a.jpgto12b.jpg to12c.jpg

Missy has got to be one of the dirtiest sluts I’ve ever seen on the interweb. She’ll do anything and the best part is she’s really getting off on whatever she does. She loves having all of her holes filled.

I even found one site that’s dedicated to chicks who love to stuff their muff with the most bizarre things they can find. Whatever they happen to find around, they stick it in their horny cunts and masturbate with it. And guess who I found on that site? You got it – my favorite slut of all, Missy.

Missy has fun playing with lots of twisted objects on this site but these are a few of her top ten clips. She plays with a hair brush, a beer bottle, and even a kid’s toy gun! Watching her pierced little cunt getting filled with weird objects is strangely enticing.

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Maya Shows Off

to9a.jpgto9b.jpg to9c.jpg

One night while we were at a party at a friend’s house we were all sitting around drinking (some more than others) and the babes got talking about the things they’ve put in their pussies. Of course there was the regular stuff like fingers, vibrators, dildos – some had even tried some veggies. But Maya is the type of girl that always has to win so she started telling us how she’d put bottles and candles and all sorts of funky things in her puss. When we said we didn’t believe her she stripped naked right there to give us all a show!

First thing she grabbed was Kevin’s drumsticks. She played with them over her clit until she started getting really wet and then she spread her legs so we could see them disappear into her hole! Then, Sheila had left her curling iron on the table so Maya slipped a condom over it and put that up there as well. Then someone handed her a wine bottle. We figured she’d stop there but no…that little slut just bent over with her butt in the air and impaled herself with it. It went further and further into her dripping twat until it was stretch wide open and the little whore came with a bottle in her snatch, right there in front of us all.

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