Betty Bermudez always dreamt of being a pornstar. It was just one of those pet fantasies of hers, the way young girls in their teens dreamed of becoming movie stars. But it was never meant to be. Betty was just bashful with her body. During their company outings, she was the last one in the dressing room and the one wearing the most unflattering swimsuit. She was pretty, but she always managed to make herself less attractive with her manner and gait.

Her bumping into Incredible Pass almost didn’t happen. She was waiting for her ride on the airport when TheBoss serendipitously asked her for directions. She didn’t hear him and was about to walk off towards the other sidewalk when TheBoss held her hand. She was surprised that a man had touched her and she yelped. They both laughed at what she had done. It became the start of a beautiful friendship. Days later, Betty came out of her shell and starred in her first porno with famous midget Baby Gangster. It was all “Oprah” soon after.

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